A touch of class, just as you would expect of Saint-Malo, a town with a rich and illustrious history. Its prominent location along the coast and the beauty of its historic buildings never fail to impress every visitor.

Stroll through the town and imagine yourself back in earlier times. You may even imagine yourself in another world: Saint-Malo is the perfect place to relax completely. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and enjoy everything the town and the region has to offer.

And now some hints to make your stay in Saint-Malo a little more comfortable and to try to give you some advance pleasure before your arrival.


Saint-Servan-sur-Mer (Part of Saint-Malo)

Saint-Servan-sur-Mer was once an independent town – before the unification with Paramé and Saint-Malo. Saint-Servan-sur-Mer has kept its complete infrastructure and is all year round a lively sympatique little town.

Whatever you should wish to buy - you will find it in Saint-Servan-sur-Mer.

Paramé, Saint-Malo and Saint-Servan-sur-Mer are no tourist ghost towns. All year round people are living and working here - in summer you have some tourists on top of them. Therefore Paramé, Saint-Malo and Saint-Servan-sur-Mer are very active and attractive at all time of the year.


Restaurants Saint-Malo

A La Duchesse Anne, Intra Muros next to Porte Saint Vincent

THE restaurant of Saint-Malo. A little more expensive - but really worth the money. Reservation necessary, please order a table on the ground floor. Very nice beginning of the 19th century decoration - we don’t know a better restaurant in the region! 

Dover Sole, Lobster (homard) à la nage, pigeon, tarte tartin, etc.. Excellent wines at a comparatively moderate price level.

You will certainly remember this place for a long time - if you go.

The bar of the Hotel L´Univers, 10, place Chateaubriand is very worthwhile to visit. Cosy British atmosphere. Many, many sailing trips started here. Normal prices.


Chalut, Intra Muros, next to Porte Saint Vincent

Good cooking (fish) a little more expensive than the Chasse Marée, but still normal.


Saint Servan sur Mer

L´Oliveto, Pizzeria, Rue Dauphine, just opposite of the flat. Just the right place on your arrival evening.

Le Bout de Feu, next to the Hotel/Bar Cunningham, close to the Harbour of Solidor

Have a drink in the Cunningham and enjoy later a good beef in the next-door restaurant: Le Bout de Feu, EXCELLENT meat, good wine at correct prices. Cooking is made in front of you in an old chimney. Nice and pleasant atmosphere. The right restaurant in cold weather. Only open in the evenings. Try the red wine form Mediterranean Sea.



Restaurant des Sports, Rue du Colonel Pleven, opposite the church, on the main road

Behind the pub you will find the restaurant - specialized on seafood. Very, correct quantities, modest prices. The locals eat here. Not mentioned in travel guides. Open every day at 12.00 hours, (not on Saturdays) and not in the evenings. Tel. 02 96 27 2007.



We could give you some more hints, but you should discover also on your own. Please avoid all restaurants in popular streets.



Le Benetin, close to Les Rochers Sculptées. Excellente fish orientated meals prepared by Chrisphe Langrée. You could compare it eventually with the Chalut. Please ask for a table with sea-view. The cook and owner is born in Elsass, practically a guarantee for good food. Tel. 02 99 56 97 64.



Le Coquillage, bistrot marin own by Jane & Olivier Roellinger of the famous 3*** restaurant Bricourt in Cancale. Here you have seafood and fish in more than excellent quality at reasonable prices. Please refer also to:


Shopping  - You will find some more addresses on our german and french sites.

Market - Saint Servan sur Mer

Tuesday and Friday are market days. You leave our house and you turn to the left, you cross the road and in about 200 m you will find all you wish to buy.

Please look in the meat hall for the butcher Le PAGE. Since many, many years they are growing their own pigs and calves - outdoor - and are preparing really very good sausages, etc.. They have earned a number of medals. An institution.



You can buy fish on the market or at the criée. You find the criée if you leave our house and you turn left, you pass through the tunnel and you will find the criée on your right hand side. It is normally for professionals - but you can buy there without any problems fresh fish.



You can buy seafood on the market or sunday mornings in front of the townhall


Are eaten all year round. The smaller the better.

Just put a bit of water in a large pot, add one layer of mussels and serve after they have opened. You have to change the water from time to time as it is getting too salty. This is the way the local fishermen eat them - easy and tasty.



Saint-Malo, Moulin à Vin, 80 Boulevard Des Talards, next to the Railway Station, good wines, very large selection, correct prices.



Can only be bought from Bordier, 9, rue Orme, Saint-Malo Intra Muros. Bordier has also a stand on the market in Saint Servan sur Mer - unfortunately with a reduced offer. Try the shop in town and perhaps you take some cheese back home.



Please don’t forget to taste it. Good, often neglected.

So, for food and drinks you have some indications. Sorry this one of my favourite subjects, but you don’t travel to France to start a diet. Perhaps you understand and follow me.




If you are keen riders please take your own bikes with you. Ours have not been used for some time. 

In case you want to rent bikes you can find a very large choice at: Cycle Diazo Vélocation, 45, Quai Duguay Schuman, Saint-Malo.

The main roads are not so suitable in the main holiday season. Take the bikes out of town by car and you will have it a bit easier.


Either in the sea or about 400 m from the flat in an indoor swimming pool (50 x 20m).

The next beach is about 400 m from the flat. The sailing harbour: Port des Bas Sablons is about 600 m from the flat.


Sailing boots can be rented.


Small motorboats can be rented.


Many sunken ships in the bay of Saint-Malo offer interesting diving sites. You will find the diving shops in Saint-Malo and at the harbour.


Two courses are close by: Dinard is very well known, here you are golfing next to the sea and you probably have the chance to loose some balls forever. Very elegant.

A second course is in the country, about 15 km in the direction of Rennes in Le Tronchet.


Nice walks are possible in the cliffs, along the river Rance or in the country. You will find some guides in the flat.


The Termes Marins offer you - also if you don’t stay in the hotel - all possible treatments. Reservation is necessary.

Termes Marins de Saint-Malo, Tel. (0)2 99 40 75 75, Fax:

(0)2 99 40 76 00,, e-mail:



The bay of Saint-Malo is "heated" by the golf stream. This micro climate - known form Jersey and Guernsey - assures extremely mild temperatures. You will find palm trees and mimosas. In our small garden you can harvest figs, if you are there at the right time of the year.

This micro climate is limited to the bay of Saint-Malo. Further north and west you will find a rougher climate.

A very informative internet site is:

From this site I have copied the following average temperatures:

1981 - 1990 - Dinard (in degrees Celsius):

January         6,2         February      5,4

March            7,8          April             9,0

May             12,3         June           14,8

July              17,3        August        17,2

September  15,6       October      12,6

November    8,7        December    7,0

Average     11,3 degrees

Please note these are average temperatures. The general temperature level has risen since 1990.

The temperatures are considerably higher than at the North or Baltic Sea.

This is one of the reasons why Saint-Malo is at all times of the year a valuable and unforgettable destination.

My wife and I prefer to be there between Christmas and New Year.


Some points of interest to visit:


Chausey is a must. You can reach Chausey during the summer only, by boat from Saint-Malo or form Granville. Here you have the highest ebb - flood difference in Europe of about 14,3 m. Thousands of rocks are born out of the sea or diminishing into the sea. Protected nature resort. There are even plans to stop all tourism. No cars, no bicycles.

Here the automobile manufacturer Renault had build his private castle. I can assure you he didn't choose a bad location. Practically all famous marine painters have been and are working on Chausey.

You should walk around the island and take a lunch with you. As an alternative there are a small shop, a café, and two restaurants - (all of them always rather crowed). - But Chausey`s sea food is good and famous!


You can visit the river Rance by boat, foot or bike. Very smooth, romantic landscape, tiny villages, nicely restored hidden houses. Take an evening cruise and you will spend a very romantic evening. By the way, the food on the boats is reputedly good.


You should visit the oyster cultures of Cancale. Take an oyster knife form the kitchen, glasses, towels and last but not least a good bottle. You can buy fresh oysters near the breakwater. Here you will find some benches to install yourself comfortably.

You should try the old traditional oysters. They are costing about Euro 10 - 15 per 12. They have a firmer meat. These are the real oysters, the shape is flat, smooth and they are nearly round. Every layer stands for one year of age. The normally sold oysters are the "Japanese" ones. They have been imported form Japan after an infection at the beginning of the last century destroyed practically all oysters in Europe.

Mont Saint Michel

Very worthwhile. If you are there in the season you should get up very early visit Mont Saint Michel and have afterwards breakfast on the Mont Saint Michel. So you are leaving before the big wave of other visitors are arriving. There are sometimes concerts, which you should not miss.

Dinan, Léhon, Le Chateau de la Bourbansais, Dinard, Le Cap Fréhel, La Pointe de Grouin, are of course also worthwhile to visite. 


Hire a car. About 50 Euros per day incl. mileage. But please take the smallest car you can find. Left hand drive, small lanes, very well trained and extremely speedy bus drivers assure that your is trip not boring at all. However the island is worth it and you shouldn't miss it. If you want to stay a bit longer, bicycles, buses or walking are good alternatives.


No cars, very nice, very reposing. Really worthwhile. You can hire bicycles or walk or use horse driven carriages. Have  breakfast or  high tea in one of the old traditional country hotels.


In comparison to Jersey less crowded, less hectic, somehow more a little country place. Here you should stay a night. Don't miss to visit Castle Cornet, in case you are interested in marine history. You can easily spend a day. There is a decent catering facility. Four worthwhile museums and relatively large gardens. The house of Victor Hugo should not be missed - it's a MUST.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information. With this paper we just want to give you some hints - in case you are not familiar with the region.

Please let us know if we can help you.

Kind regards and Kenavo.



Certainly you will have some suggestions to make regarding this description. If you find, the time, please return them with the keys to us. Thanks in advance for helpful assistance.


Please refer also to Gustav Volkenborn Restaurant Hitlisten: a very good and up to date restaurant-guide.

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